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Gas flow meters for custody transfer and process applications.
- High efficient ultrasonic transducers
- Direct path layout
- Intelligent self-diagnostics
- Compact, robust design
- Integrated log book and data logger
- Large measuring range 1:120
- Bidirectional measurement
- Low power consumption: <1 W

The FLOWSIC600 measurement device is an ultrasonic gas flow meter and sets the standard in its market segment. The visually technical design demonstrates that it is geared to the tough industry conditions. The compact design with integrated cable routing means that the measuring system is rugged, insensitive to interference, low-maintenance, and has long-term stability. The FLOWSIC600 features extensive diagnostics options to allow detection of malfunctions even before the measurement is affected. Versions with 2, 4, 4 + 1, or 4 + 4 measuring paths enable a variety of process applications, including custody transfer measurements.


Non-custody transfer measurement and process monitoring.
- Quality components
- Modular flexible installation
- Non-contact ultrasonic technology without pressure loss
- Measuring range span greater than 100 : 1
- Sensors can be replaced under pressure
- Low sensitivity to pulsation and pressure regulator noise
- Remote electronics (max. 15 m)
- Bi-directional measurement with automated diagnostics

The FLOWSIC300 ultrasonic flowmeter features a unique combination of high quality components, large measuring range, simple installation, and low installation costs. It can be used anywhere where custody approval is not required: For internal measurements in the natural gas grid and with process measurements in the petrochemical industry. The FLOWSIC300 incorporates proven technology and components of the rugged custody transfer quality gas flow meters from SICK for custody transfer and combines these to produce a cost-effective flowmeter for a variety of applications. The measuring transducer at a distance of up to 15 m away from the measuring point facilitates a high level of flexibility in installation and includes continuous self-diagnostics. The ultrasonic measurement principle does not generate any pressure loss, has no moving parts, is resistant to pulsations and pressure regulator noise and is ideal for reliable and practically drift-free operation.

FLOWSIC100 Flare

Reliable gas flow measurement in flare gas applications.
FLOWSIC100 Flare
- High-resolution measurement and short response time
- Innovative sensor design for very high gas velocities
- Optimum signal transmission even under atmospheric pressure
- Remote installation of the control unit up to 1,000 m away
- Single and multiple path meter configuration, optional probe type
- Field repeatable check procedure of factory zero flow test
- Check cycle for automatic self-diagnosis / signal optimization

The FLOWSIC100 Flare product family is characterized by a unique flow-optimized sensor design. This innovative design reduces flow noise and signal drift at very high gas velocities to a minimum. Modern signal processing and highly efficient transducers result in high time resolution of the signal and, therefore, accurate measurement, even at very low gas flow rates.

The standard configuration of the system consists of two sender/receiver units or a measuring probe and the MCUP control unit. The MCUP is used for signal input and output, to calculate reference values (standardization), molecular weight, and mass flow, and for the acquisition of gas volume. It also serves as a user-friendly LCD interface.

FLOWSIC100 Process

Reliable and precise volume flow measurement in processes.
- Corrosion-resistant transducer made of stainless steel or titanium
- Up to 16 bar process pressure
- Explosion-protected design for applications in zone 2 (ATEX) available
- Hermetically sealed ultrasonic transducer
- Measurements practically free of pressure loss and without influencing the process
- Automated operational check with zero and reference point test
FLOWSIC100 Process

With the FLOWSIC100 Process gas flow measurement devices, measurements can be taken at pressures up to 16 bar – even in zone 2 explosive environments. The sender/receiver units are available as hermetically sealed designs made of stainless steel or titanium. The standard system contains an MCU control unit and 2 sender/receiver units or a single measuring probe. The MCU is used for signal input and output and to calculate reference values (standardization) or mass flow. It also serves as a user-friendly LCD interface.